24. Starman Playing on the Right and Wicked Gas

EPISODE 24: This episode may be a day late, but it isn’t a dollar short!  The Lads start in a subdued manner due to the last couple results, but get rolling with a What Was That, Predictions for Man City, Social Shenanigans, and a brand new song for Pie and Mashup! Here more about Adam’s driving and Wayne’s drunken exploits as these Claret and Blue Lunatics get ready for a match we are all apprehensive about. To cap it all off, Lily Hammer puts in a surprise appearance with a prediction of her own that we know Ken will like!

23. West Ham Capitulates and Adam Can’t Pronounce It

EPISODE 23: Not a fun week to host a podcast, but we somehow manage to find humor in the tragedy.  A very different opening today before getting into What Was That and Social Shenanigans. We discuss the lineup vs Liverpool in Poll Dancing and then move onto some self deprecation in Pie & Mash Up.  Plus a few songs to sing vs Liverpool. We actually felt less depressed after recording this episode and hope it does magic for you too!

22. A West Ham Tail? Yep!

EPISODE 22:  A little late releasing because it takes time to spin a fish story and make hopeless fans smile!  What Was That kicks off minus a depressing result vs Leicester, and then it’s a helping of Social Shenanigans that should put a smile on your face.  Our new segment Poll Dancing (presented by @Hammers_Polls) then kicks off a lively discussion and some news about an American Hammers fan group tournament that you can participate in!!! The Penalty ShotOut rounds out an episode that sorely needs to make us all smile, as we all need a laugh these days!

21. V-A-R is Why We Drink!

EPISODE 21: This week Adam is on walk-about in Australia, so my mate Kenny Bag-O-Donuts sits in the co-pilot seat!  After a tasty helping of What Was That we get stuck into VAR debate in a primate themed rant that flows right into Social Shenanigans! We thank our latest social media followers and then debut a new segment called Poll Dancing, presented by our partners @Hammers_Polls!  Right at the end of the episode we have a surprise guest who details his travels.  Don’t miss this fun episode and thanks to Ken for subbing in! 

11. Has Gandalf Lost the Plot?

Episode 11: It’s hard to stay positive and love your lives’ when the Wizard seems to be going blind!  The Lads go on a bit of a drunken rant, but still manage to find humour in the situation.  Social Shenanigans has some great posts and we highlight two post from “50 Times West Ham Went Full West Ham,” by @jackgambardella.  Pie and Mashup has a drunken version of “Oh East London, is wonderful…” All this and some great laughs, as WEST HAM IS WHY WE DRINK takes you down the pub.  So if you are listening at home, pour yourself a drink and enjoy.  

6. There’s Only One United

EPISODE 6: This week we revel in the 2-0 win vs Manchester United and predict the scores for the Midweek Cup match-up vs Oxford United and the weekend EPL game vs Bournemouth.  “Pie and Mashup” with the “Miklosko” song and “Over Land and Sea”. James premieres a tasty hangover cure and the Penalty Shot-Out culminates in some disgusting shot that Adam came up with! So grab a bacon sarnie and a hot mug of tea and join two Brits and a Yank for an audio adventure. Cheers!!!!

CLICK HERE for the VIDEO of the Penalty ShotOut

5. Bubbles & Booze

Last week we went live on YouTube, thanks to American Hammers TV. For podcast purists we have provided this Audio Only version with an added Aston Villa vs West Ham review and preview of the Manchester United match!

EPISODE 5: In today’s episode we start out with some Social Shenanigans, Review and Preview, then go into the history of our world famous anthem, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” in our newly named song segment. Wayne and James face off in Penalty Shot-Out as Adam attempts his revenge.  Stick around to the end of the episode as Wayne and Adam drink the vodka and Tiger Sauce shot for last weeks Penalty Shot-Out punishment.

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4. Winning & the 30 Second Yank

EPISODE 4: The lads really have fun today on the podcast talking so much about the brilliant win vs Norwich and how great the team played.  James admits to drinking too much before the recording, Adam hadn’t slept all night and Wayne is just laughing! Social Shenanigans abound and James introduces us to his version of a rant.  You get to revisit a couple more match day songs and the West Ham Drinkers hint at a few cool changes that you will hear after the International break.

3. Sing Something We Know

EPISODE 3: We are longer than normal this episode, but we packed two new segments in to get your thoughts on them. We start off with our 30 second take on the Watford vs West Ham match and how it feels to win, another Penalty Shot-Out, Social Shenanigans, a new song and chant segment, and James’ new segment, “I’m a Fat American… What Do I Know?!”  We finish up with a report on the Carabao Cup match and hope you enjoy the show!!!

2. The Chicken Run or the Egg

EPISODE 2: Our 2nd episode and we have a fun one for you!  Adam, James and Wayne talk about our upcoming match and delve into Haller vs Chicharito in the Brit/ Yank Mass Debate.  The Penalty Shot-Out is one for the history books also… check out Twitter to see a video of the ever so gracious loser take their punishment! All this and Social Shenanigans make it an egg-cellent episode hahahaha