The Penalty ShotOut is just like a PK Shootout. Our Special Guest will be the Quiz Master and Referee and the other two face off against each other to answer alternate questions. Whoever has answered the least amount of questions correctly by the end of the game will have to do a shot of the referees choice! We started with 5 questions each but since it took up a ton of time we listened to your requests and dropped it now to 3 questions each.

Below are just some of the fun and crazy shots that the Lads they have done for the listeners of West Ham is Why We Drink podcast.  We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed filming them for you. Please do not attempt any of these shots at home as they could seriously make you sick to the point of hurling! But please watch and laugh at these silly lads! The videos below are listed from the most recent and go back to the first we ever did as you go down the page!

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During halftime at the West Ham vs Everton match, Wayne took his punishment for losing the last Penalty ShotOut! Yes A LIVE MINNOW in a glass of whiskey! Something smells fishy!!

Wayne and Adam both do Penalty Shot #7 and #8 together today. Wayne does a Leatherneck (151 Bacardi and Tabasco sauce) and Adam pulled the Losers Choice Shot which means he chose whatever shot he wanted and stuck with a Lemon Drop!

Wayne is no stranger to doing the shot, but this one has to go in the books as totally disgusting. It is aptly names the infected whitehead and was truly vile! Hear Wayne taking the shot live on Episode 12 of the podcast!

James gets to do his first and possibly last Penalty Shot called the cement mixer! It’s supposed to keep you quiet by sticking to your teeth and gums, but James didn’t swoosh it around enough… because he is a cheat Hahahahahahaha!!!

Wayne lost the Penalty ShotOut and had to drink Adam’s evil shot called a smokers cough which is jaegermiester and a dollop of mayonnaise. It looks and has the consistency of phlegm! Next up is James with the Cement Mixer!

Yes, Adam did lose the last Penalty ShotOut… again. However since Wayne took a photo by mistake he agreed to do the shot with Adam if he would do it a second time. He did and they both have a wonderful moment on camera that is not to be missed!!!

Adam kicked up such a fuss about Wayne’s Penalty ShotOut question regarding Billy the Horse and The White Horse Final that we decided to add these couple videos. Enjoy Adam!

Wayne does a victory shot of a whole egg at McSwiggans to show Adam there is no animosity! These lads are a little crazy!

We all lay on a special drink for Adam at the bar, but he is a little apprehensive to say the least!

Adam does his egg shot for losing in a battle between him and James. Adam felt that Wayne stitched him up with the Billy the Horse question… Wayne isn’t that smart LOL!

Wayne does a shot of Russian Moonshine as he is the first loser of the Penalty Shot-Out waged between himself and James!