14. Brahms and Liszt… Friday Night Likes, Part 2

EPISODE 14: AHTV- FRIDAY NIGHT LIKES, PART 2:  The dramatic conclusion to the Lads being on AHTV’s Friday Night Likes.  John and Wally put Wayne, Adam, and James through a Penalty ShotOut that is full of controversy… again!!! How a certain person ended up the winner is a question you have to ask as it seemed a bit dodgy.  Regardless they all partake in some pub humor and end up the way of the title… Brahms and Liszt.  Our now famous ITK Jimmy Sullivan closes the episode out and reminds you all that the next episode will be back on Wednesday.

13. Pony and Trap… AHTV’s Friday Night Likes, Part 1

EPISODE 13: AHTV- FRIDAY NIGHT LIKES, PART 1:  What do you get when you put Wayne, Adam and James together with the team from American Hammers TV’s newest and best YouTube show?  The UNPREDICTABLE!!! John puts the questions to them and the answers are… guess you are going to have to listen to this “podcast adaptation” of Friday Night Likes with some of the editing tricks of @Wayne_Hammer.  By the end of the show you will hear who is winning, get some West Ham facts, opinions, history and also some sublime pub humour between great friends… and sometimes frienemies.  

12. Penalty ShotOut Returns with James “Longers” Longman

EPISODE 12: Well today we give you three extra special treats!!! Penalty ShotOut Returns with James “Longers” Longman of KUMB podcast fame and Emmy Award Winning Producer of the Late Late Show with James Corden, as our special guest on this episode!!! We know you have been missing the Penalty ShotOut from all your emails and social media messages, so we have a new Penalty ShotOut with Longers as the Quiz Master!  Last but not least, you get to hear Wayne do his shot from the last quiz… warning as it is not for those with a weak stomach.  All this is prefaced by “What Was That” and “Social Shenanigans!” 

11. Has Gandalf Lost the Plot?

Episode 11: It’s hard to stay positive and love your lives’ when the Wizard seems to be going blind!  The Lads go on a bit of a drunken rant, but still manage to find humour in the situation.  Social Shenanigans has some great posts and we highlight two post from “50 Times West Ham Went Full West Ham,” by @jackgambardella.  Pie and Mashup has a drunken version of “Oh East London, is wonderful…” All this and some great laughs, as WEST HAM IS WHY WE DRINK takes you down the pub.  So if you are listening at home, pour yourself a drink and enjoy.  

10. McMessi to the Rescue

EPISODE 10: McMessi to the Rescue. This week Wayne and Adam take you on a haunted ride through the world of West Ham.  From discussing briefly the Sheffield United horror story, they then break into some Social Shenanigans that has the Lads in heated discussion. An appropriate Pie & MashUp, with a PG rating, and then into a revamped “Would You Rather” sponsored by our partners Hammers Polls.  Witches, ghouls and goblins galore in this show and a guest appearance by the Count himself. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

9. Pellegrini “At the Wheel!”

EPISODE 9: Announcements, new segments, West Ham pub humour and banter! Hear how Wayne and Adam feel about the Everton match and then laugh along with them as they introduce you to a new segment called “Would You Rather?”  Some “Social Shenanigans” that we pick from our listeners and “Pie and MashUp” sees Adam’s version of Bubbles and a healthy debate.  An apology from Adam to Wayne and the Penalty Shot from hell close this episode as the lads explain how YOU CAN BECOME A CO-HOST!!!

8. He’s West Ham Through and Through

Episode 8: On today’s podcast we try to instill a little laughter and brevity after a disappointing defeat against Crystal Palace.  Adam calls in from Disney World and James plays truant..  After reviewing the past match, the lads give you a good dose of Social Shenanigans with a top 50 list and posts about an Oklahoma Hammer’s wedding.  Finally ending the posts on our show’s favorite subject today… #16 Mark Noble.  Pie and Mashup is of course his song and then the lads get crazy with a few phone calls… #CheersWestHam