31. Wilshere’s Protruding Tongue Says We are Ready!

EPISODE 31: First, you probably know by now that Adam went into cardiac arrest last week. We are extremely happy to report, after tests and surgery, he is on the road to a full recovery! The outpouring of well wishes has been incredible and we love you all for it. So we have a special guest co-host who is a bit saucy on this show! Today’s line-up we review the friendlies and preview the upcoming games on What Was That, Social Shenanigans will include a new theme and sponsor, then we test our co-host on Bag Heads. We plan on laughing a lot and bringing some smiles to your faces and look forward to delivering you new more frequent content, plus a few changes to make your listening more fun! #Cheers #WestHam #COYI


We are so happy that our Adam is now out of hospital and home after going into cardiac arrest last week. Only around 17% of people survive what he has been through, but thanks to well wishes and the prayers of family and so many friends he has had surgery and is well on the way back to being the Adam we all know and love! We have set up a GoFundMe to cover his medical expenses so please click and donate if you can. Stick to that new diet my friend with a new healthy lifestyle and you will be torturing me for years to come on the podcast. Love ya mate!! – Wayne


A big thank you to Specky Becky for volunteering to step in while Adam is out. Becky has been a West Ham fan her whole life, thanks to her Granddad, and Wayne has a blast with her in this episode. If you get a chance check Becky out on American Hammers TV where she hosts “Hammer it Out” with Katie K. every other Thursday!

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