6. There’s Only One United

EPISODE 6: This week we revel in the 2-0 win vs Manchester United and predict the scores for the Midweek Cup match-up vs Oxford United and the weekend EPL game vs Bournemouth.  “Pie and Mashup” with the “Miklosko” song and “Over Land and Sea”. James premieres a tasty hangover cure and the Penalty Shot-Out culminates in some disgusting shot that Adam came up with! So grab a bacon sarnie and a hot mug of tea and join two Brits and a Yank for an audio adventure. Cheers!!!!

Below is Wayne doing the dreaded shot. Have fun and we look forward to entertaining you next week!

For words to todays chants click here.
Words are on our website at

#WestHam #COYI #CheersWestHam #AmericanHammers #WestHamFamily

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