1. Our First Show!

EPISODE 1: Our first episode and we had fun recording it! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did sitting down and playing at broadcaster!  Listen to our first Penalty Shot-Out, Social Shenanigans, Newsday Tuesday and finally we wrap it up with a promise of more fun stuff, West Ham news and banter!  Cheers!!!

Show Notes

  • 00:00 OPENING- Wayne, Adam and James introduce themselves and what they will be bringing to the show
  • 06:00 Adam expounds on why his recording is so scratchy and what is going on in Las Vegas!
  • 06:28 The Penalty ShotOut- the Lads answer five questions each and the loser has to drink some disgusting alcoholic concoction.Why do they mention three-ways?
  • 17:10 Social Shenanigans- the lads go over some of the great social media posts from West Ham fans around the globe.
  • 19:20 Hear how the Lads felt about the first match and what they ate… Texas Style! Mike Dean, VAR and Man City get a pasting.
  • 30:05 Tuesday NewsDay- some news clips from midweek.
  • 31:40 Where you can follow WEST HAM IS WHY WE DRINK ON SOCIAL MEDIA

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